NIGM & Sustainability

Creating and maintaining a sustainable environment and infrastructure is a pillar of National Agenda in line with Vision 2021.

Abu Dhabi's Plan 2030 establishes a clear vision for sustainability as the foundation of any new development occurring in the Emirate and capital city of Abu Dhabi. This commitment is a reflection of the values and ideals of our nation.

Dubai Plan 2021 for a smart and sustainable city addresses the importance of sustainability in managing against Dubai’s future growth by ensuring the availability of clean energy sources and protecting natural resources such as soil, water, and air, and promoting sustainable consumption.

At NIGM, sustainability is part of our culture and integral to our business which is being translated to policies, strategic plans and working procedures. Our approach to sustainability comprises of four vectors:

  • Energy Saving.
  • Water management techniques.
  • Efficient carbon emission.
  • Smart facilities management solutions