Corporate Social Responsibilty

By demonstrating our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility we aim to align our business values, purpose and strategy with the needs of our clients, whilst embedding such responsible and ethical principles into everything we do.

Our commitment towards dealing and interacting responsibly with our clients, employees, suppliers, local community and environment is a vision well-comprehended and a policy implemented by NIGM management as well as its employees.

As applied in our CSR Policy; NIGM Management ensures that we deal responsibly, openly and fairly with existing and potential clients by:

  • Ensuring that all our advertising and documentation about the business and its activities are clear, informative, legally compliant, decent, honest and truthful.
  • Being open and honest about our products and services and telling customers what they want to know, including what we do to be socially responsible.
  • We will avoid pressure selling techniques.
  • Ensuring that if something goes wrong we will acknowledge the problem and deal with it.
  • We will listen to our clients so that this can help us improve the products and services we offer to them.
  • Ensuring that we benchmark and evaluate what we do in order to constantly improve our competitive edge in the marketplace